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.              St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars awards $160,900 to 115 seniors

St. Louis Park High School's 2024 Awards Night, celebrated 115 graduating seniors with a total of $160,900 Dollars for Scholars scholarship awards. The inspirational evening recognized St. Louis Park's most important resource, our children, as family, friends, faculty, staff and community members gathered to applaud the winners. Many scholarship sponsors were on hand to present their awards, and neighborhood volunteers representing teams, individuals, families and other groups, were happy to present as well. A large number of the scholarships were neighborhood-based thanks to the efforts of those volunteers who delivered newsletters and donations requests door-to-door. The evening was a proud moment not just for the scholarship recipients, but for all those who support St. Louis Park High School graduates in their higher education pursuits. Together, we are helping our young realize a bright future through education.

$1,500,000 awarded

Since its inception in 1994, St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars®, an affiliate of the nationally recognized non-profit Scholarship America® has awarded over $1,500,000 to more than 1,500 St. Louis Park High School graduates.  We recognize the value of education and understand the cost of education. According to Chris Farrell, economics editor for National Public Radio's "Marketplace Money," the average college graduate earns about 70% more than a high school graduate. 

St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars is a proud supporter of the St. Louis Park, Minnesota community at large.

Make a longterm impact with a legacy donation.

A gift to St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars allows you to leave a legacy where even a smaller gift makes a large difference in the lives of many. Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. "Post-secondary education enables our students to discover their potential. A scholarship can be the difference in our students taking that first step toward achieving their dreams.

From applications to awards, the path toward a scholarship

Each spring, St. Louis Park High School seniors are advised and encouraged by staff to apply for Dollars for Scholars scholarships. Students will find a wide assortment; some scholarships are specific to high school, post-secondary or career interest, others correspond to academics, need, or sports affiliation. Seniors complete their applications and submit them by a specified date in order to be considered. Representatives of the volunteer Dollars for Scholars board, comprised of retired and current faculty, community members with and without children in the schools, educational, health, financial and marketing professionals, meets and labors carefully and painstakingly over the task of awarding scholarships. Students are notified by mail if they will receive a scholarship and are invited to the annual Awards Night held each spring at the high school. At Awards Night, each deserving student is awarded his or her specific scholarship and congratulated for a job well done. Students are also given specific instructions on actions to take to receive the money for the scholarship awarded.